Build List

This is an ongoing list of everything had to source to complete the build.  It may not be overly exciting to read, but hopefully a bit of help to those interested in jumping into a build project of their own!

 KIT Factory Five Racing Mark IV Roadster Base Kit
 KIT Enterprise Truck Rental  Truck Rental to pick up kit in Massachusetts.  We used our own trailer.
 KIT OPTIONS Factory Five Racing '96-'04 Donor Package - This is a package of options to assist with fitting the '04 GT donor parts into the kit.  (hydroboost kit, radiator mount kit, fuel fill adapter, A/C eliminator, transmission mount, etc.)
 KIT OPTIONS Factory Five Racing Powder Coated Chassis
 KIT OPTIONS Factory Five Racing Tubular Front Lower Control Arms - Needed to at least replace 1 of them since the donor driver side control arm was unusable.
 KIT OPTIONS Factory Five Racing 4-Link Rear Suspension Performance Upgrade  - Includes new rear upper and lower control arms and Koni Coil Over shocks.
 KIT OPTIONS Factory Five Racing Steering Rack Adapter - Includes new inner and outer tie rods.  Not "needed", but eliminates the need to cut the donor tie rods.
 KIT OPTIONS Factory Five Racing Shortened Driveshaft  - Not "needed", but saves a ton of effort not having to get the donor driveshaft shortened to the correct length.
 KIT OPTIONS Factory Five Racing Body Cut Outs - These are the cut outs for the lights, roll bar, fuel cap, etc.  A HUGE help so that we don't have to worry about getting it perfect!
 KIT OPTIONS Factory Five Racing Sun Visors & Wind Wings - Helps reduce the wind coming into the cabin of the car.
 KIT OPTIONS Summit Racing Heater - A bit of extra warmth when the weather gets cool in order to extend our driving season.
 KIT OPTIONS Factory Five Racing Roll Bar Grommets - A bit of finishing for the roll bar.
 KIT OPTIONS Windshield Trim Plates  - Finishing for around the body
 KIT OPTIONS Dash Steering Hole Trim Ring  - Finishing for the interior
 KIT OPTIONS Factory Five Racing Hood Hinge Kit  - To eliminate the need to completely remove the hood in order to show off or service the engine.
 KIT OPTIONS Metco Motorsports Driveshaft Safety Loop - The driveshaft is essentially next to your hip when driving the car.  "If" that driveshaft were to fail, this safety loop pretty much prevents the driveshaft from tearing your leg off as it spins out of control.
 KIT OPTIONS  Top Mount Rear View Mirror  - The rear view mirror that comes with the kit, mounts to the dash.  Mounting to the top of the windshield gives a better view behind the car.
 KIT OPTIONS Seat Belt Grommets  - Finishing for the interior and also protection for the seatbelt as it enters the cockpit of the car.
 KIT OPTIONS Rear Quick Jack Plates  - This is to prevent the rear quick jack pins from rubbing the paint.
 KIT OPTIONS Factory Five Racing Battery Cut Off Switch - A quick way to completely shut down power to the car in case of emergency.
 KIT OPTIONS Breeze Automotive Front Battery Mounting Kit - The stock kit allows mounting the battery in the trunk, this kit moves it into the engine bay for easier access and also brings a bit more weight to the front of the car.
 KIT OPTIONS JEGS Front Brake Proportioning Valve  - Allows the front brake fluid pressure to be adjusted and therefore allows fine tuning of when the brakes will lock up.  Having them adjusted properly prevents the car spinning during emergency braking.
 KIT OPTIONS  Dynamat - This for cockpit heat and noise protection.
 KIT OPTIONS  Group 51 Battery - Smaller form factor battery
 KIT OPTIONS Whitby Motorcars Classic Instrument Gauges - Stock gauges "can" be used, but we wanted a bit more authenticity.
 KIT OPTIONS Factory Five Racing Factory Five Floormats - Just because
 KIT OPTIONS North Racecars Halibrand Wheels - Replica wheels matching the classic Halibrand look.
 KIT OPTIONS Discount Tire Direct Cooper Cobra Radial GT Tires  - Gotta have some mean tires!!    FRONT - 235 / 60 R15    REAR - 295 / 50 R15
 DONOR CARPrivate Seller  2004 Mustang GT - The car was totaled by the seller with bad front driver side damage.  Engine ran great, which was the important part.  MOST of the donor parts were still able to be salvaged from this car.
 DONOR CAR Ripple Services, Inc. 1998 Mustang GT Rear End - We decided to purchase a '98 rear end in order to get the correct width in the rear instead of modifying the '04 rear end to fit.
 DONOR CAR PREP Wire Diet Reworking the Wiring Harness - Rather than wrestle with the wiring harness ourselves, we sent it out to Art at Wire Diet to trim out everything we don't need and to reprogram the computer.  A LIFE SAVER!!
 DONOR CAR PREP North Racecars Axle & Rear Caliper Brackets - The width of the rear is important to get right to ensure tires are spaced correctly.  This was to purchase a shorter axle for the rear end and also for brackets that place the rear calipers in the right spot for the rotors.
 DONOR CAR PREP Salvage Yard Radiator - The radiator from the donor was questionable, so we purchased another to be safe.
 DONOR CAR PREP Breeze Automotive Aluminum Clutch Quadrant Kit & Clutch Cable Adapter - This replaces the plastic clutch gear on the donor pedal box for more durability,
 DONOR CAR PREP Breeze Automotive Braided Stainless Brake Hoses - Upgrade from the stock rubber hoses.
 DONOR CAR PREP Summit Racing Ford Racing Clutch - While the engine was out of the car, we opted to replace/upgrade the clutch.
 DONOR CAR PREP Amazon Gas Tank - The stock gas tank can typically be used, but our donor tank was a bit marginal so we chose to replace to be safe.
 DONOR CAR PREP Summit Racing Replacement Rotors  - Rather than resurface the donor rotors, we decided to purchase new.
 DONOR CAR PREP Auto Zone Spark Plugs - Only made sense to replace them.
 DONOR CAR PREP Amazon Aluminum Power Steering Reservoir - The donor reservoir was damaged so we needed a replacement.
 DONOR CAR PREP Amazon Fuel Filler Neck - The donor filler neck was damaged when removing it so we needed a new one.
 DONOR CAR PREP Breeze Automotive High & Low Horns - The donor was missing the horns, so we needed a replacement.
 DONOR CAR PREP eBay EGR Delete Kit - We removed all of the emissions devices on the engine.  This was to help with eliminating the Exhaust Gas Re-circulation system.
 DONOR CAR PREP North Racecars Champ Performance Low Profile Oil Pan - The stock oil pan would hang below the frame of the car, exposing it to damage.  This one is shallower.
 DONOR CAR PREP American Muscle 70mm Intake Plenum, Throttle Body & Cold Air Intake - This is to bump up the HP for the engine by giving it a higher volume of air intake.  It also makes the air intake system look MUCH better!
 DONOR CAR PREP American Muscle Bullet Style Pedal Covers - The donor pedal covers were a bit worn.
 DONOR CAR PREP Precision European Motorwerks 5mm Hubcentric Wheel Spacers - The front caliper + wheel combination resulted in the front caliper brackets slightly rubbing the inside of the front wheels.  This 3/16" spacer moves the wheels out a hair for clearance.