About Us

Larry Lombardi

My story is rather diverse since I’ve been a part of many things over the past 73 years.  Carburetor rebuilder, U.S. Navy, art college, private investigator, home improvement, automobile sales, plus many small positions too numerous to mention.  Best of all though, a husband to a beautiful wife, a father of two outstanding children, and a grandfather of three fantastic grandchildren.

I have always had this love for cars.  I remember before I had my license to drive, I was so anxious to work on a car that I painted flames on my dad’s car without asking permission (he wasn’t very happy).  My first car was 1939 mercury coupe I dug out behind a big tree that I paid $50 for.  I was 16 at the time and the only kid in my high school that had a hot rod.  I loved those older classic cars.  My teen years were in the 50’s, so the cars back then are certainly the classics of today (1955 thru 1958 Fords and Chevys).  What a time for beautiful cars.  Even though prices for new cars where low back then ($3000 to $4000), I couldn’t afford them since I only made $0.90 per hour building carburetors after school.  Later when I left the Navy and got a full time job, I was able to purchase my first new car… a 1965 Mustang fast back 2+2 289 v8.  It’s a classic automobile today that I wish I still had!  I’ve spent many wonderful hours working on those cars.

One of my other loves is working with men at our church on projects related to maximizing manhood.  What I found in those projects is how many men had bad relationships with their dads.  That was hard for me to understand because my son and I have this great relationship that I cherish.  I didn’t want to take that for granted, so I got this crazy idea of building a classic iconic car from scratch with my son.  When I mentioned it to him, he was all in on the project.  It took several years of research and planning to get this thing rolling, but we ultimately decided to build a Factory Five Mark IV Roadster, which is a replica of the iconic 1965 Cobra.  We are now in the actual building stages of the project and it is a blast!  But, it’s not only about the building of this beautiful car together that’s a blast, but also the hours of conversations about the meaning of life, marriage, children, work, stumbling blocks of life, and what it takes to be real stand up men.  Discussions that surely benefit us both.  We’re getting to know each other deeper than I thought possible.
It’s our hope and desire that through building this web site, that other father and son teams will be encouraged to take the time to enjoy each other and to build relationships that can be passed on from generation to generation.  My son has installed a tab on this site called “What’s Really Important” that may help you on your journey. We hope you enjoy it and please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dave Lombardi

I'm obviously the "Son" portion of this Father & Son project! 
Part of my life's philosophy is to experience as much of life as I can in the short time that I have here on this planet.  To me, having an eclectic approach towards "living" provides opportunity to not only learn about the world around me... but also learn about myself.

In fact, you can see that eclecticism throughout my career path and interests over the past 40+ years.  Despite just having education in Mechanical Engineering and Information Systems Management, I've had careers that have spanned the spectrum of diversity including: the hospitality industry as a chef, home improvement sales, IT system implementation, corporate technical training, network administration, co-founding a robotics company, government contracting as an analyst, human trafficking awareness and even leading a ministry at my local church.

Through all of these different ventures, I've always loved to work with my hands, I've always loved tinkering and most of all, I've always loved a good challenge.  What better way to tap into all those loves than to take on building a car from the ground up!  This project is sure to put all those things to the test for sure and I'm excited to discover all the new things there are for me to learn.

Specifically though, this project gets to the heart of what's really important about life.  It's about taking advantage of an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime (if at all for most).  My father and I have a GREAT relationship and I feel very blessed to have it as part of my life.  There's a lot that can be said about the father/son relationship, which is why I've added the tab called "What's Really Important" to this website.  Please take a few minutes to check that page out to find out more relating to what I'm touching on here.

Thanks again for checking out our site (journal) of this exciting project!